Nick – From A Broken Back To Overcoming Naysayers

Hey guys, awesome show. I love the message you’re sending and have been telling everyone to listen to it (yeah, I’m that asshole that’s telling someone “oh yeah, you neeeed to listen to this podcast bro”. I particularly loved hearing Taya’s episode and Lara’s story. Hearing from some alpha fucking females pump me up.

My TNQ story isn’t super intense. I broke my back when I was 22, from a pretty normal dirt bike crash. I knew the second that I hit that it was bad. I had some nerve damage and it was effecting my breathing, kinda like having the wind knocked out, but it went on for a few minutes (I actually had it on GoPro, it was something like 3 minutes). I had a quick moment with God, things didn’t get crazy, I wasn’t scared, I just said “alright well, if it’s my time, I’m ready” and I can’t describe what happened next, it wasn’t a voice, it wasn’t a thought…it was more like a feeling and all it said was “not yet”. Then I started breathing again. To time warp a bit, I was laid up for a while, 6 months or so and somewhere a doctor told me I’d never ride and I’d never lift more than 25lbs again. A few months ago I deadlifted 525lbs in front of that dr’s PA. That drive that we get from service of “fuck you, don’t tell me what I can’t do” has carried me through. Not just in the sense of PT and the Army, but my wife left me last year and told me I’d never own my own business and I’d never achieve a medical degree. 9 months later and I have a profitable Photography business and I’m back in school to earn the “Doc” title in the civilian side too. So whether it’s getting in the gym and lifting 5lbs and working up to 500 or watching your whole life flush down the tube and picking yourself back up, dusting off and saying “alright, what’s next?” It all boils down to hitting that wall and refusing to give up.

If nothing else man, thanks for speaking in Bozeman,MT a couple years ago and thanks for being a positive role model for not just vets, but for everyone. I grew up in Cupertino, CA and my grandma lived right by Axe’s park, he’s been an idol of mine for years. And I can speak for our town when we say Thank you for telling his (and your) story.

-Nick Ramsay

Author: Nick