Nick Palmisciano

Army Ranger - Ranger Up founder - Range 15 Movie producer / writer / star - Risking it all to follow your dreams

Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell and his teammate, Captain Positive, David “Rut” Rutherford are fired up to welcome Range 15 writer, producer, editor and star, Nick Palmisciano to the Team Never Quit Podcast. In this episode of the TNQ Podcast prepare to be enlightened by Nick as he describes his powerful never quit story, and how by following his passion was able to build one of the most successful military MMA apparel brands “Ranger Up”.

Follow Marcus, David and Nick down the hilariously profound rabbit hole of Nick’s life. You will be inspired by Nick’s never quit attitude and his ability to face adversity under the extreme duress of starting a small business. Get motivated when you hear how Nick gave up financial security to follow his dream because he knew it made a difference in people’s lives. But that’s not all. Be prepared as Nick outlines why he and the Art15 clothing crew decided to risk everything in order to make a zombie apocalypse movie made for, and possible, by the veteran community. This former Army Ranger will leave you laughing, motivated, and ready to take huge risk in order to live out your dreams.

Never forget it’s Marcus’ and David’s mission to inspire you to begin living with the Never Quit mindset. They achieve this mission by exposing you to amazing people who want to share their incredible life lessons so you too can face adversity and overcome the obstacles in your life. Make sure to check out the second half of Nick’s interview in the “After Actions Report,” where he describes the how-to, in order to help you execute on living with purpose.

Great Stories Ignite Legends

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