Never Quit

Hello, my name is Tanner. I’m writing to you guys from small town Kansas. I first wanted to tell you all thanks for your service to our country, and thanks for the service you do through your podcast. I’m going to try and make this as short as possible. My life over the last year and half has crumbled right before my eyes and it seemed like there was nothing I could do about it. 14 years ago my family suffered a traumatic injury that scarred us for life. Long story short, my kid brother who is 3 years younger than me caught on fire, and to make things worse is, I was the one who lit the fire. We tried to light the fire in my dads shop, and the fire got out of hand and caught my brothers pants on fire. For 13 years I tried to tell myself that I had moved on and forgotten about this event. The event has crept up into my life and totally destroyed everything about me, the guilt of that day has destroyed my life. I have been diagnosed with major depression, social anxiety, and minor PTSD. My marriage has crumbled right before my eyes and is just a month away from finalizing in divorce. We have 2 boys who I would give my life for, and I truly credit them for saving my life. Suicide was the only way I could see as getting rid of my pain. It wasn’t until after I read Marcus’ book Lone Survivor. Marcus, you truly are my hero. After reading the book, I began to do research on Marcus and came across this podcast. I downloaded an episode and began listening, next thing I know I had listened to 3 in a row. One of the things that truly stuck out to me was all of you guy’s faith in the man above, Jesus Christ. After listening to your podcast, I started turning to Christ again and started to feel my life start to rebuild. I have a long way to go, and have many therapy sessions ahead, but I can feel myself moving ahead. I always look to the word of Marcus, “I draw one line in the sand in front of myself and crawl to that line, and when I reach that line I draw another.” I have almost listened to every podcast, and have started listening to Rutt’s Team Froglogic podcasts. Every time you guys do the mad minute I try to answer the questions for myself, and one thing on my bucket list is to meet the 3 of you. You’re an inspiration to me. One question I do have, is I’m looking at getting another tattoo to remind myself of the fight that I’m in and remind myself of the never quit mindset. I would like to get the TNQ logo tattooed with the words Never Quit above it. But I won’t do it unless I can get an ok from all of you. I believe its your logo, and I don’t want to put it on my body without permission. So please email me back, and if you don’t think I should, I won’t. I don’t expect my story to be heard by anyone but your team, but I want you all to know that your making a difference and changing lives. I believe God has placed you guys and your podcast in my life for a reason, and I have began telling my fellow friends at the fire house about your podcast, hoping to spread it around. Rutt, I’m really sorry to hear about your divorce, I am going through the same thing and I look to you and your daily posts on Facebook and Instagram to help me get through my day. Keep up the good work brothers.

Author: Tanner