Never Quit Teen

Team Never Quit, my name is Deonte and I come from a small town just on the foot hill of the Cascade mountains. I have been through some pretty tough things but you guys have been keeping me going for some time now. I am only 16 and I want to be a Navy SEAL but a few months ago I did not know where I would be. I was doubting myself thinking “your not big enough, strong enough, fast enough to be a SEAL” and I often have people tell me that I’ll never be one. I started to stop working out and stop thinking about becoming a SEAL. I often just thought “The Marine Corp will do guess I can just go infantry” but I started thinking about Marcus’s story. I started to look into those talks you did and eventually came to this podcast. This podcast motivated me, got me back to working out and even pushing myself beyond points I though I would not be able to achieve. Although I still can say I get a bit lazy from time to time, especially with running, I have realized that nobody knows me, they can’t tell me what I’m going to achieve in life and they sure as hell can’t make me quit. Thank you guys for doing this because you helped me knock the Devil off my shoulder and get back to a life long dream of mine. Keep on keepin’ on fellas.

Author: Deonte