Never Quit Parents

Hey guys,
I have listened to many of your shows and i often hear most people say that just getting out of bed every day is their Never Quit Story. I personally have had many Never quit moments in my life and when i look back i can’t believe that i made it through. i am not however, writing about my experiences but how i was given the Never Quit Mindset from my Parents. They were born into religious families that believed in “Faith Healing” which meant that they had never been to a hospital.(Period) My mother was pregnant with my oldest sister when she was 19 and then continued to give birth to a total of 14 of us over the next 25 years as Birth Control was not an option. All of us were born at home with a Midwife with no medicine. My father worked a maintenance job for minimal income. We never went without the necessities growing up and always had food on the table. One of the best traits i learned from my parents was that when times are tough you get up early and go to work. My mother took care of us every day of out lives while we were at home. My family has since left the church they were raised in and the oppression it forced on its constituents. Once my youngest sibling was in school my Mother then when back to school and became a medical assistant in a medical clinic. My father would work long hours to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. He would then have to come home and discipline my brothers and I as we were rowdy as boys come. We grew up eating deer, turkey and fish.My Father, after 5 long days at work, would wake us up at 0400 on Saturday to get out in the woods. No matter how long of a day we spent in the woods on Saturday and no matter how many hours he had worked that week he would come banging on our door Sunday morning to get us up for church. I can only imagine how many times they must have just wanted to give up but didn’t and pushed on! I know my siblings and I feel the same when we say we want to repay them for their hard work by driving on in our lives. My oldest 2 sisters are raising 3 and 4 kids respectively. 3rd oldest sister is raising 2 girls and is a manager for a medical records keeping company. I am the 4th oldest and have 15 years in the military. 5th oldest sibling is raising her young girls. 6th and 7th oldest brothers are licensed Mechanical and Architectural Engineers from PennState. My 8th oldest sister is a School teacher in Africa. My 9th oldest Sister is a Medical Doctor who graduated from Penn State and U of 10th oldest brother just reenlisted for his second tour in the SOF community. My 11th oldest sister is a Registered Nurse. My 12th oldest brother is finishing up his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Penn State. My 13 oldest brother is a brick layer (until he figures out what he wants to do). My 14th oldest sister is in her first year of college at Penn State.
I think I had to give you a background of my family to show just how strong of an impact seeing our parents get up everyday and drive on no matter how hard life was giving IT to them. Our success in life is directly contributed to our parents not giving us the option to Quit. I love the message you are spreading and the guests you have on your show prove that if you want a better life it always comes down to driving on and hard work. Keep up the good fight and stay safe.


Author: Kris