Never defeated

Good morning gentleman,

My greatest never quit moment wasn’t a definitive moment, as with many of you I found myself in a position where many people see directions but all I saw was one, full recovery. I was in a motorcycle wreck 25 June 2016, I left the road and wound up going through a barbed-wire fence. The last thing I remember is getting gas in the bike around 130 miles away from where the bike wreck happened, head trauma has a detrimental effect on memory! I remember bits and pieces of my first few days in the hospital, I had broken my skull in several places and the internal bleeding was severe. The total wound up being 20 broken bones and a lacerated liver, kidney, and lung, I was a mess. God and the community were on my side, the doctors went in to take out my kidney and assess my liver but found the kidney had stopped bleeding and the liver was recovering. I spent eight days in the ICU followed by seven days downstairs. My family was given two options, take me home or send me to a rehab facility, my incredible family brought me home.

Fast forward to today I have made a recovery that most would say was impossible, not only did I survive but the only lasting effects are some range of motion loss in my left arm and chronic pain. I was medically retired from the Army in 2012 with a back injury and was told I would never run again, since the wreck I have run a 5K and am working up to a marathon! The never quit mindset and the people who perpetuate that by sharing their stories have played a huge part in my recovery, thank you, gentlemen, for all you do!

Sincerely Milo Gillis

Author: Milo