My attempt to end it all

My greatest never quit story begins with my attempted suicide in 2004. On March 27th 2004 I decided it was time to end my struggles with life. No one even knew I was hurting that bad. On the outside my life looked like the all American dream. Wife, 3 beautiful children, two new cars in the driveway and a very nice house. But on the inside I was dead. I would just go through the motions of life and pretend nothing was wrong. Well I finally couldn’t take anymore and the morning I got home from work I pulled into the garage, put my 45 caliber pistol to my chest and pulled the trigger. My thought process was not to shoot my self in the head because I didn’t want my family to remember me like that. So I chose my heart because that’s where all my pain was. Thank God I didn’t know much about human anatomy because I missed my heart. Missed everything actually. Just grazing my left lung causing it to collapse. As soon as the gun went off I thought what did you just do!!! At that moment I decided I really didn’t want to die. I was able to reach my cellphone and call 911. All the while my family was sleeping right above me and had no clue as to what just happened. The awoke to the police and firefighters storming the house. After I got home from the hospital and was recuperating I knew there was something more I was supposed to accomplish on this earth. And one day a Jehovah witness came and knocked on the door. Everyone looked at each other like, are you going to answer it? So I got up and answered it. I stepped out on the porch and listened to what they had to say and gave them a little rundown on what was going on. The young lady asked if she could pray for me. And I said absolutely! Up till this point I wasn never really religious. I believed there was a God, but never went to church. But after what I had just experienced, I knew there was SOMEONE looking out for me! You don’t just get shot it the chest with a 45 and pretty much walk away unscathed. A few weeks after being in the hospital I ran into the doctor that saw me in the operating room. He stopped me and said I was a very lucky individual. He said in his career he has only seen a handful of patients survive a gun shot to the chest like I had. He told me I should by some lottery tickets! As she was praying the clouds parted and a beam of sunshine came down on the two of us. I kid you not! And when she finished the clouds rolled back in. I can’t say my life was easy from that day forward. I ended up getting divorced and loosing most everything I had. But I haven’t given up!! I know God has a plan for me and I am excited to see what it is. But I do have my struggles and your podcasts have given me the encouragement to keep moving forward and deal with what life gives as it comes. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I’ve shared some of your stories with my wife who is going through some health issues of her own. I apologize for any and all grammatical and spelling errors lol! I have never been much good at writing.

Author: Jason