My Army Buddy

Hi guys!
So the story I am going to share with you guys is not really my own but my best friend and Army buddy Kenny. During our first deployment to Iraq, Kenny and I became really close friends. He has an amazing voice and was great at turning any good song into a funny one. Kenny and I were always together and always making each other laugh along with the rest of the platoon. I always gravitated to the funny guys and during the hard moments the laughs just kept on coming.

When Kenny deployed a second time to Iraq he convinced a SGT Major to have me work with them at a BDOC. I was deploying later due to getting treated for P.T.S.D from my first deployment. When I arrived there it was like no time has passed, we laughed all the time like always. Kenny worked day shift and I worked the night shift.
One night we got a call and was told to go to Kenny’s chew right away because Kenny is going to kill himself. My SGT and I, in a panic drove over to Kenny’s chew and it still haunts me to this day. His front door was open a crack and I had to mentally prepare myself for seeing my best friend dead on his bunk. I walked in.

Kenny was sitting on his bed with the muzzle of his rife under his chin ready to go. My SGT waited outside. Kenny was crying and very upset because his wife was leaving him. No one had a clue he was even suffering. I said the first thing that came to mind “Kenny if you do this you won’t just fuck yourself up but you will fuck me up because I will see this.” Kenny starting bawling. My SGT got the chaplain and I got the rifle away from him and sat next to my dear friend. He told me everything he was dealing with. They took Kenny’s charging handle from his weapon for a week and a couple buddies and I would make him laugh by pulling it back constantly until he got it back. Kenny went on to not only finish that deployment but also him and I doing a third deployment. Him to Afghanistan where he earned a bronze star for teaching kids and I ended up in Iraq again.

I am out now and Kenny is still fighting the good fight. He is in the reserves now. About two years ago, Kenny ended up with Cancer and beat that too. Kenny and I both went to the E-5 board together. Kenny is my motivation to never quit and I wanted to share this with you guys because whether you are in Kenny’s shoes or my own helping someone who is on the edge, it is important to not just think about your current situation but also what you can become if you just push through. Kenny and I were both in 1st Armored division and a quote that I will die with is “Iron sharpens Iron as one Iron Soldier sharpens another.” I love you guys! I work out to your podcast every day. NEVER QUIT doing what you do. It is so important.

Author: William