Miller Strong Story


I have a very powerful story. My son died in 2014 of a drug overdose. I battled guilt, shame, regret, grief, PTSD, depression, judgment and everything in between. I totally lost my faith. I was completely out of options, either I was going to die or God was going to have to intervene and he did. Within minutes he spoke to me and I went on a spiritual journey that lead me to so many blessings, miracles, knowledge, wisdom and restoring my faith. My travels took me to Indonesia where I spent 7 days with a healer that saved my life. He told me that people will call me a human angel and he was right. This lead me to writing my first book that will be made into a movie. Miller Strong, Re-Write Your Story, Take a Stand and Turn Your Past Into Your Super Power. I would love the opportunity to share with you the experience, how God took my life and completely transformed it into magic. I know your listeners will also see purpose, love, hope, the glory of God and the unbelievable transformation when you trust your intuition.

Let me know if you are interested
I never gave up hope except one time and this when my life shifted. Its an inspirational journey

God Bless You

Erin Miller

Author: Erin