Mike Sauers

Navy SEAL Combat Veteran - Vetrepreneur - Owner of Forged Apparel

The Team Never Quit Podcast is honored to welcome fellow Navy SEAL and teammate, Mike Sauers, to this week’s show. Marcus and Rut welcome their friend Mike to tell his greatest Never Quit story. Listen as Mike describes his incredibly fortunate career, including serving with Marcus in the battle of Ramadi in 2006, as well as, Afghanistan and Kosovo. He also discusses how an idea around the camp fire turned into a multi-million dollar business.

Mike has embraced the American dream his whole life, served at the highest levels in combat, and thoughout been dedicated to the country and those who serve and protect it. He’s become a highly successful entrepreneur, literally learning on the fly how to grow a giant brand in the military tactical apparel space. His company, Forged, is a leader in providing cool apparel with a purpose. Mike has a special place in his heart for giving back, and some of the most successful shirts Forged has produced have provided millions of dollars to families of the fallen.

It’s not often that three Navy SEALs come together and willingly give in depth insight on how you too can develop the Never Quit mindset. There is no doubt that Marcus, Rut, and Mike will inspire you to face adversity and teach you to overcome all the obstacles your facing. The TNQ Podcast’s main mission is to help you understand what it takes to navigate the hardships of life by exposing you to motivational guests with amazing stories.

Great Stories Ignite Legends.

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