Mike Sauers & Sam Bonilla

Navy SEAL & Marine Discuss Life & Entrepreneurship

What an incredible couple we have in the studio this week. Mike Sauers – Navy SEAL, combat veteran who fought alongside Marcus Luttrell in Ramadi, philanthropist, and owner of Forged Apparel. In selfless fashion, Forged has raised millions of dollars to assist the families of fallen heroes. Mike is an exceptional story-teller, and his stories about military life, extensive travel experiences, and his subsequent entrepreneur life, are authentic and entertaining.
Sam Bonilla is an amazing soul in her own right. As a marine with a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security and a certificate in intelligence, marketing manager and concept producer for Forged, social media influencer, model, and Instagram celebrity, Sam is as down-to-earth as they come. She is a joy to listen to as she shares her experiences and perspectives, and a humble servant of people alongside Mike.
In this episode you will hear:
  • Ideas can be birthed in any setting; they’re limited to the imagination.
  • You should always take pride in your country.
  • Follow through.
  • America was forged – Everything great was forged.
  • It’s too bad that some establishments that have existed for over 100 years, are probably not going to make through this pandemic.
  • Never question an order from a marine [in battle].
  • If you don’t have pride in your country, then what do you really have?
  • Just like great team guys, we busted out some bungie cords and tied a karaoke machine to our golf cart.
  • Every great nation, has to have pride.
  • You have your real life, and then you have your social media life.
  • Being a marine is not as sexy as it looks on TV.
  • There are criteria for what is considered a dive bar:
    Mainly whiskey selections
    A picture of Burt Reynolds
    Christmas Lights
    Smokey & the Bandit memorabilia
    A Juke Box
    Spilled Beer Stains on the pool table
    Huge “mints” in the urinals
    No separation between the urinal & the toilet

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