Michael Matta’s Story

I wish this was more incredible! Nothing will ever sound as badass when you’re Sharing it with two SEALs.

I was about 6 years into my martial arts training. It was time for my 2nd degree black belt testing. It was located at a regional testing in front of a board of high ranking instructors and masters in this association.

Ended up blanking out during my form, screwing up my board breaks, and failed my testing. This happened in front of my instructors, my friends, classmates, parents, you name it-they were probably there watching. I was absolutely crushed and devastated. I wanted to quit, never show my face again.

After a few days of sitting and thinking I knew I couldn’t give up. I couldn’t quit. Began training hard every day and working my tail off. 6 months later I came back to that testing in front of the same people and destroyed the test. Did fantastic. Promoted in front of all the same people that I was crushed in front of. Extremely proud of myself and the team that helped me achieve my goal.

Currently a 2nd degree and instructor at my school in Michigan.

Thank you both! Have a good week

Author: Mike