Meet Marian – She is 2 and Tougher Than You Are

Meet Marian.
She is 2 years old.
She loves to laugh, dance, and play with her sister.
Marian is also fighting for her life.
She has childhood Alzheimer’s or Niemann-Pick Type C (NPC).
It’s even worse than it sounds.
NPC is attacking Marian’s organs, nervous system and brain.
Every two weeks Marian flies from L.A. to Chicago for treatment.
For her, treatment means general anesthesia and a spinal tap.
Did I mention she is 2?
Right now Marian is relatively healthy.
Over time NPC will destroy Marian’s ability to eat, speak, learn, laugh, walk, play and LIVE.
NPC is always fatal but there is hope for a cure.

Two videos that might help set the context:

On Monday August 14th we’re launching Hope For Marian. It’s a campaign to raise awareness and funding for Marian and other children stricken with NPC.

We would be incredibly grateful if you could help us supercharge this campaign and take part in the No Pucker Challenge. Basically eat a lemon, video it, challenge 3 friends to do it and post on social media. We have some pretty classy Tshirts and we’d be happy to send you all a few to wear in the video.

Thanks for considering and keep motivating the shit out of the world.

Dave Childress

Author: David