Mark Lauren

Best-Selling Author, Veteran, and Former Physical Trainer of Nearly a Thousand Elite Special Operations Warriors

In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, Marcus has an engaging conversation with Mark Lauren, who revolutionized the U.S. army’s training systems, and trained hundreds of U.S. Special Forces operatives. Mark possesses astonishing physical prowess as a Military Physical Training Specialist, Special Operations Combat Controller, triathlete and mixed martial artist. He broke, and still holds, the Department of Defense s long-standing underwater record by swimming 133 meters, on one breath, subsurface, for 2 minutes and 23 seconds. He is also a bestselling fitness author.

Mark trained and competed all across Thailand in Muay Thai. His physical and mental development has inspired a new approach to fitness that has allowed millions of people to move better without the confines of a gym. Mark’s book, You Are Your Own Gym was published by Random House. His audience identifies with his minimalist approach to fitness, as well as his stories of overcoming failures.


In this episode you will hear:
  • I started working out when I was 12 with pushups and sit-ups next to my bed. I got to the point that I could do indefinite sit-ups.
  • Physical fitness is about fundamentals – it’s about basics.
  • Characteristics like respect and discipline are what parents need to teach.
  • Real character does not reveal itself when everything is great.
  • You only fail when you quit. When you fail, brush yourself off and do it again.
  • Whatever success I’ve had is built on repetitive failures.
  • When I got out of the military, I really missed the comradery and sense of purpose.
  • Exercise doesn’t necessarily relate to improved performance.
  • If your fundamentals are strong, it’s much easier to specialize.
  • You really need to be good at getting from point A to point B – Locomotion.
  • The first 3 things people need to do is to reestablish basic joint functions for the hips, spine, and shoulders.
  • There’s a difference between performance and exercise.
  • An important part of good exercise habits is to engrain good habits.
  • What you put your attention on, and controlling your breathing do a lot to influence your feelings.
  • General health and well-being depends on doing basic things really well.
  • One of the main things that keep people from really getting fit – is doing too much.
  • Start small and progress gradually.

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