Former Navy SEAL Marcus Capone and Wife Amber Capone

Founders of VETS, Advocates for U.S. Military Veterans Seeking Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies (Part 2)

In this week’s episode, Marcus and Amber Capone continue sharing their fascinating journey and offer much detail on finding a solution to Marcus’ struggles affecting their whole family. Finally – after Amber’s relentless research – a ray of hope arrives in the form of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy. Marcus and Amber transparently discuss the steps it took to get the help, and a detailed narrative of the treatment and its incredible effects and psychiatric benefits. It was this revelation that caused them to develop the VETS foundation – helping combat veterans get life-saving help. They have now assisted hundreds of vets providing the resources for the therapy and improving the quality of life for them and their families as well.
In this episode you will hear:
  • I almost craved going back to the dysfunction because I knew how to live in the dysfunction.
  • I never wanted to quit [our marriage].
  • The treatment saved his life, and saved our family.
  • Micro doses of Ibogaine are physiologically changing the brain in a positive direction.
  • Several of the men that have been treated come out never wanting to touch alcohol again.
  • It’s like having a backpack on loaded with hundreds of bricks. And as you go through the [treatment] journey, it’s like bricks are being thrown out. At the end of it, you have an empty backpack.
  • You face the demons, then they go away. You’re cleansing yourself.
  • Some of what you experience is dream-like, while other experiences are real.
  • Everyone is reporting massive cognitive improvement.
  • Amber: I was like “What just happened?” I was so grateful.
  • If we don’t speak out; if we don’t find the courage and conviction to share something that could work; then we’re really doing a disservice to the community.
  • I attained a level of awareness and grace over the course of years as I was working on myself. Psychedelics take you there almost overnight.

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