Man of the house

My Never Quit Moment

Now, I’ve been going back and forth with this. I’m not what you’d call a bashful person but it makes me wonder if you guys would see this. I’ve been a listener for about two weeks. Once I found your podcast I’ve been obsessed. I listen to this anytime I’m committing to and a from work, and at the gym. My never quit moment isn’t exactly strait forward as some of the stories you’ve read in the past.

So here it goes…..

When I was 16 I left home because of an abusive father and a heroin addicted mother. Now don’t get me wrong my parents are good people but I couldn’t stay anymore. I stayed with friends and stayed at a firehouse I volunteered at time to time. I worked at a grocery store stocking shelves to make enough money to get to school, buy my first car (1990 S10 for 400$), and enough to buy a loaf of bread and meat ends from the grocery store I worked at. I went from place to place over the next few years and one bad Relationship after the next. I got to the point where I thought that there was no one out there who would understand my past, the abuse, or the exposure to the drugs. So after a few years of this cycle I became homeless, living out of my car. One of the hardest thing to do was to find a place to park so I could sleep a no one would find me. I went through this for almost 9 months. I was tired of this life style and turned to alcohol….. some how I managed to get hired as a firefighter in the dc metro area. I struggled with alcoholism, depression, and was almost fired. All of this was from when I was 16-21. Fast forward to present time. I was promoted to Lieutenant with my department, married the woman of my dreams and we have our own home. My never quit moment came February 2nd 2017 at 1023am when I became a father. The world stood still in that moment as my wife held our son. I knew in that moment failure would never be an option for me. Everything that I though bothered me was gone in an instant My new focus is to be the backbone of my Family. To raise my son with respect honor and dignity. I want him to be a better man then I ever could be.

Marcus , wizard , Rut…. you men inspire me daily in both my professional life as a leader / company officer , as a man and a father. Now, listening to other listener submissions I know my life could be so much worse. I just know you all give me something to look forward daily. From the bottom of my heart thank you for all that you gentlemen have done for our great county.

Author: Mike