Long Journey

So this is my never quit story. My name is Philip and at this time I was 14 and living in New Jersey, I was in an accident with a few of my friends and their dad was driving. He pulled over from the side of the road to say hi to his girlfriend so another car behind us slammed into us. The trunk was in the back seat where I was sitting I was able to walk out but I hit my head like 5 or 6 times on the driver side seat and I had a cut on my leg so I was fine as I thought. Accidents can also happen in many ways. But being careful about drunk drivers is very crucial, as many accident cases are reputed due to the negligence of drunk drivers. If you’re faced and injured in a moto accident , it is best to get legal help from accident attorneys.

So two weeks after the accident my left side was off it just didn’t want to work right. I lost control of the use of my left hand and left leg it was just weird. So my parents and I went to the doctor and then he sent us to a special doctor for the brain and all I heard was I got a virus syndrome. So we went with that and at this time I can talk, eat, swallow, drink from a glass or bottle, be able to walk long enough, and use my hands. I’m 18 now and all the functions that I wrote before I completely lost it all it was like a baby again. But thanks to DUI attorney serving in Colorado who helped us to get the financial aid at the right time which helped in my recovery so much.

So I couldn’t eat, swallowing was hard I had to relearn how to eat and control my spit because at this time I would drool on myself all the time and I could not talk not even a sound. I lost the function of my hands had a hard using them and my legs would give out so easy and I knew how to do all the things in my head but couldn’t apply. So we went to the doctors again and the special brain doctor, by the way we saw more than one more like 5 I think somewhere around that number. And they said the same thing a virus syndrome and no I didn’t have a stroke because I had so many tests for the brain and all the tests said my brain is healthy.

So how is the rest of my body falling apart? I had to relearn everything. That’s hard to swallow when you are 18 that happened in 1991 and in my senior year of high school. So my life took a hard left turn. I’m 47 now and still living with the struggles but getting better and I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. I’ve been through therapy to talk eat control my spit and be able to walk for a long distance and use my hands. It’s a long battle I take one day at a time and I think I had some form of brain injury but back in 91, the technology was not as good as today. So I still want to find out what happened to me and what caused it. With the help of personal injury attorney lakewood ranch, you will be able to know the background easily.

One of the reasons why I’m still fighting is because of my family and friends and now I have a wife a daughter and two grandkids. I’m a lucky man to have the support that I do. As of now, I watch my grandkids when needed I got into photography trying to get back into coding. I try to take each day as a challenge on what I can do better. I had to shorten it a bit so you don’t get to board, so I Thank You for taking the time to read my story.

Author: Philip