Life Sucks, Then You Die

Rut, Marcus, Wizard,
I wanted to write and thank you guys for all you do to promote the never quit attitude. I have been a subscriber for some time now and have listened to all your podcasts. I was introduced to the TNQ podcast by my son who had just listened to the Tim Ballard episode. After listening to Tim and wiping the tears from my eyes I subscribed and have been a fervent follower ever since, telling anyone who will listen about TNQ.
It’s a great March 23rd in Apex, North Carolina. Things couldn’t be better. It’s about 60 degrees and sunny outside, I’m married to a wonderful woman, have two solid citizens as children and I just returned from the oncologist with a prescription for chemo.
Many people with cancer look at the negative and become depressed. They think “woe is me, I have a disease that may kill me”. I prefer to think “bring it on, let’s roll”. You see, we are all going to die. Death is a part of life. As my dad used to say “there are only two things inevitable in this world; death and taxes”.
Often people will ask me (not knowing about my illness) “how are you doing”. They expect the perfunctory “fine” (which means freaked out, insecure, neurotic, and emotional). When I respond “upright and mobile” they look at me strangely. Sometimes I have to repeat it because it just didn’t register. I often add “it’s a great day; I was able to get out of bed”. Or if I really want to screw with them I say “it’s a great day; everything hurts so I know I’m alive”.
A little back story. My never quit story really isn’t worth telling but I will so readers may understand where the “give a shit” attitude comes from. I grew up in an emotionally and sometime physically abusive home. I was always the outsider at school and the “go to” guy for the bullies. I remember leaving my bedroom window open when I went to school so I might be able to get some clothes if my parents locked me out of the house (that’s how a 12 year old thinks). Though I never acted on the thoughts, I remember as a young teen contemplating suicide. Then, several very pivotal events happened. The first was accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior while watching a Billy Graham crusade on tv. The second was being given (I don’t remember by whom) a book called Stand Tall and Straight by Bill Glass. The third was getting so pissed off at a bully I threw him out of a moving school bus and subsequently learning how to fight. The last was attending Virginia Military Institute and totally embracing the Institute Honor Code. Looking back, it is amazing what God has done in my life.
Don’t get me wrong, life has not been easy. I’ve lost my share of jobs. I screwed up a business deal and lost a bunch of money. Racing almost ruined my marriage while at the same time it helped instill a work ethic and never quit attitude in both my children. But Jesus never said following Him would make life easy; just fulfilling.
I’ve been on this planet for 62 years. I’ve messed up a bunch of times and been beat down. But through it all I have held on to one small saying that has been my life’s mantra; “Life Sucks, Then You Die”. I’m sure you guys get it, but when I tell other this they just don’t get it. So, in hopes of maybe being read on the podcast, let me explain. The saying has two parts. First, “Life Sucks”. We all know it. It’s not going to change. No matter who you are, where you are, how much money, fame, or fortune you have, if you aren’t is a crisis, you are just leaving one, or just heading into one. That’s life, get over it. Quit complaining. Get out of bed, put your big boy (or girl) pants on and go kick some ass. Only you can make your life better.
“Then You Die”. Death is part of life. We all die and only God know when and how. If you are still here, God isn’t finished with you. But someday you will die. Then what? Your body will become dust. But your soul has two options; either you follow Jesus Christ and you have eternal life or you are committed to purgatory. You have to make the choice while you are still alive. After you die, it’s too late. “Oh but I don’t know if the resurrection is real so I’m not going to follow Jesus.” So think of it this way. If the resurrection was made up, you and I are at the same place; dust. But if it is real…. Well you get the idea. Personally, I’m placing my bet on Jesus.
There’s a lot more from where this came from but I’ve got to go hit the gym and then teach at the range. Keep up the good fight. God bless you all and God bless America.
Train Hard! Stay Frosty! Never Give Up!

Author: John