Lanny & Tracy Barnes

Twins, Olympic Biathletes, and Motivational Speakers

Have you ever tried shooting not one, not two, but three rifles? Then add in the seemingly impossible task of hitting multiple targets… While cross-country skiing!! If you’re 3-time Olympian “twin biathletes” Lanny & Tracy Barnes, it’s just another day at the office. In this week’s episode, you can get a glimpse into their world of hunting, shooting, and skiing with Straightline Performance accessories, and their pursuit of excellence as they represent the Red, White, and Blue on a global awareness scale. In this episode you will hear:

  • We did see early success, but it wasn’t because we were any good; we just stuck our head down and gutted it out through the race.
  • If one of us is doing well, the other can do just as good, because we’re exactly the same.
  • No matter what, don’t give up. If you’re gonna dot it, then go all the way.
  • With your biggest competition and your best friend competing with you every day – pushing you every day – you can get to a higher level.
  • The Olympics is the most intense thing ever.
  • When Lanny fell ill and didn’t make the Olympic team, Tracy, after being announced as having made the team said to their coach, “I decline my spot on the Olympic team.” It was the easiest decision I’ve ever made.
  • When we combine our forces, it’s that much better.
  • I can put in my best effort, but together, we can make amazing things happen.
  • We live in the best country in the world.
  • Even is losing, the thing we learned most, is that we didn’t quit… even if we came in dead last.
  • The “Never Quit” mentality is “Train the Brain.”
  • We can sum up our entire career in these words – “We pursue hard.”

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