Keep Pushing forward d

Growing up , it was just my mom who at the time was a Store manger at Wendy’s, my brother and my grandparents who came from Puerto Rico. My Father was in and out of my life . All through elementary school , I never gave any mind to the curriculum. Failed every year and got pushed to the next grade with promises to do better . Giving up was easy at in my house , as bad as it sounds . My grandma picked up after me , I was handed everything, I was the youngest in the house . My brother use to pick on me , like every brother will . I was over weight , and diagnosed with asthma . Every sport i tried led to the same results , quitting because it was to hard .

Fast forward to high school. Tension in the house grew as my mom got injured at work , and my brother went out everyday and partied . My mom drew to alcohol and smoking , everyday. One day as if it was yesterday, I was in my room , I heard my mother yelling at my grandma, I walked out to find my mother slamming the sliding glass door, and my grandmas head shaking in sadness . My grandmother had heart problems and shouldn’t be in stressful situations. I returned to my room , minutes passed. I began to hear banging, confronting my mother , I said “leave grandma alone , you know she has heart problems “ my mother got in my face and said make me , whole time my grandmother is listing but doesn’t understand because she only speaks Spanish. The door opens and my grandmother yells at me to stop disrespecting my mother , and at that point my brother opens his door , and says “shut your mouth before I beat it shut “. That was it, countless times I defended my grandmother and I was was made to be the the bad guy.

I moved out of the house at 17 . I moved in with my girlfriend at the time who I married . My son was born in August 2016. I was a young father , with little to no idea on what to do. Going back , my father was hardly in my life, due to being abusive to my mother . I told myself I would do what is best for my family. I had a-lot of growing up to do , but needed to do it quick. I went to the Army Recruiting office and signed up . After completing basic training , my company commander received a call from the red cross. My grandmother was waiting for me, she had cancer and wanted to say good-bye. I was granted 10 days of emergency leave. I arrived on a Monday , she was lively, dancing and smiling,”. She was happy her baby was home . Tuesday rolled around and she went into a coma . During that time of leave , i found out my wife was cheating on me . My life felt like it was coming down on me . My grandmother passed away , the day before i left . I never got to say my finals goodbyes before she was put back to the earth. My wife at the time was supposed to FaceTime me during the funeral, but never did. I would have loved to see her dressed up , but instead I have the image of her in a coma, engraved in my memories. Discharged a month later due to an injury, my marriage had ended, my grandmother was gone, and so was my career. People can check lawyers for traffic accident cases, if there are injury cases due to accidents.  You can check about defining negligence in a traffic accident, here!  One of my best friends from basic training kept in contact with me and was my shoulder to lean on. Currently I am married to that friend and she is the step-mother to my son, a darn good one to be a fact. I have full custody of my son now and just passed my physical to re-enlist . No matter what life threw at me I kept pushing . The one quote that helped me when i wanted to quit , was “if it was easy everyone would do it.” and still to this day I follow that . Thank you for your time. You can check out t-bone traffic accidents here, for the best accident attorneys.

Author: Taylor