Just keep moving – Battling Bulimia and Anorexia

Good afternoon gentlemen
When I was 6 I decided the only thing I wanted to be was a U.S. Marine like my father and big sister. When I was about 5 my Mother developed lung cancer and when I was 9 she passed away. My father was an over the road truck driver I saw him about once or twice a week. This left my oldest brother to take care of me. When I was 17 my dad asked me what I was gonna do with my life. I proudly stated I’m gonna be a Marine, he told me “you’re too fat” i was 5’11 320 lbs so that very day I quit eating sweets and dinking soda and started running. By July from March I dropped to 280 to enlist and July 08 left for boot at 188 lbs I graduated 140 lbs. I served honorably and proud. when I got out I married my grade school sweetheart and reenlisted in the Army Reserves but I was plauged with severe bulimia and anorexia along with ptsd this landed me in a hospital EKG hooked with a pulse of 25 125
lbs down from 155 in two weeks. I have struggled hard and long and have overcome bulimia but the anorexia is still a fight. My wife and I are expecting a daughter our first in February and with help from you men and your guests I have finally said no more and have been beating this a little at a time I have had struggles but I’m fighting and now I am winning for my wife and my future daughter to show them both the warrior is still in there.
Thank you so much for your service and stories.
Sgt Rath K.C.

Author: Kelly