Joseph Balogh

100-Year-Old Retired U.S. Army Air Corps Major, WWII Veteran

What a distinctive guest we have in the studio for this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast. It is our honor and privilege to have 100-year-old Retired U.S. Army Air Corps Major Joe Balogh with us. This American hero has innumerable stories of his World War II service with an uncanny recollection of detail. In addition to being recognized by President Harry Truman for his bravery during his service, Joe also worked for Henry Ford himself in one of his factories. This is a fantastic, entertaining interview you’re certain to love.
In this episode you will hear:
• I was the only farm boy that went to high school.
•I struggled in school because I couldn’t speak English very well as my parents were both Hungarian.
• I had to walk 7 miles to high school.
• Luck has been with me all my life.
• Henry Ford paid my way to the University of Michigan.
  • I’ve been shot down twice.
• You have 28 seconds to exit a burning airplane if you can’t put the flames out.
• You could never get me to jump out of an airplane unless I’m scared.
• [Marcus] All my jumps were at night, even during the day because I always had my eyes closed.
• In Europe during World War II, 72% of all pilots and crews were killed.
• I never thought I’d live this long.
• I’ve never had a headache, or a stomach ache, or a broken bone.
• My secret to a long life is – I eat bologna sandwiches for lunch every day.
• If somebody’s nasty to you, walk off. It’s not worth a fight – walk away.
• I don’t like to see guys fight in war & get killed over what’s not worth it.
• No matter your field, you’re as great a professional as anyone if you strive for excellence.

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