Jesse Phillips

Marine, Writer/Storyteller, Photographer, Producer

Jesse Phillips, a Team Never Quit Podcast listener, and incredible photographer and storyteller is our guest this week. Jesse lives a very fulfilling personal and professional life. He is a marine, rancher, husband, dad, and an all-around great blue-collar guy turned photographer, filmmaker/producer, storyteller, and content creator. He certainly lives his life to the fullest.
Jesse shares a myriad of life experiences including the premature birth of his son that almost claimed his life and his mom’s. Jesse’s story will make you appreciate life, health, family, career, and God.

  • My wife and kids are my hobby – they’re my life.
  • I was a homeschool weirdo.
  • Shake the hand of anyone wearing a Vietnam or WWII hat.
  • My dad worked us hard, and loved us harder.
  • Sometimes we need to take a few minutes, chill out, and enjoy life a little bit.
  • Life sucks and it punches you in the mouth.
  • I love traveling because you can encourage people along the way.
  • I’ve had to start my career over from scratch.
  • Stubbing your toe is the worst thing that a human can go through.
  • I almost quit all the time, but then I realize my life is not as bad as others.
  • Don’t be self-absorbed – never quit.
  • Help others because you don’t have the luxury of quitting.
  • I actually enjoy being laid up after surgery. It frees me up to do nothing and not feel guilty about it.
  • Share Christ with others.

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