Jeremy Brookings

My TNQ story is inspired by an amazing gentleman named Jeremy Brookings. To make a long story short, Jeremy is my neighbor. I met him when he was moving into town by way of Southern Living magazine. You see, he won a home in our neighborhood. Me, being the guy that I am, helped him move some stuff. Little did I know how much he would change my life. I CANNOT describe his story. I try not to talk about it with him. I am a simple man from Charleston, SC and we do not dive too much into others business. He tells me what he wants to. The most I have heard of his story is from a podcast. The “This is War” podcast, episode 28 (from Cheek) about 26 minutes in. Your podcast is about people that have gone through a bad experience and lived to tell about it. Jeremy lived through a sunken chest wound and strives every day. I watch him go to work say to myself if he can do it so can I! I am a humble Carolina boy and I don’t ask for anything, but if ya’ll could reach out to him, it would mean the world to him.

Most people never quit and have a story on the other side, HE has never quit and is living a story every day. Life doesn’t stop after a traumatic experience, and with a wife and two kids, PTSD is not something he has time for. He deals with it in his own ways, but no matter what, he is an inspiration to everyone around him.

It probably wouldn’t earn me many beers at a table, but he gave me the coin he received at the house building ceremony. I could tell you more about how he walked a 9mm up a guy, or about how the VA has let him down because there is no story to back his up, but it is not my story to tell.

I just want his story and others like his to be heard. Please invite him on your show. You won’t regret it.

GOD bless TNQ!

P.S. – I would suggest listening to the podcast. It does his story more justice.

Author: Steven