Jason Khalipa

2008 CrossFit Games Champion - Author: "As Many Reps As Possible"

Through years of sheer tenacity in CrossFit competition and the prolific success of his company, NCFIT, Jason is a force of nature in the fitness world. However, Jason’s world was shaken to the core when his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia in 2016. Rather than get angry and bitter, Jason and his remarkable wife Ashley dedicated themselves to the fight — armed with relentless positivity and zeal. This was the ultimate test and the culmination of a lifetime of learning lessons (sometimes in the hardest of ways). Jason’s discovery of WHY helped him surmount almost every WHAT…no matter HOW.

Join Navy SEAL, Marcus Luttrell and #TheWizard as they welcome Husband, Father, Founder of NCFIT, and Crossfit Games Champion Jason Khalipa to the show to share unbelievable stories about his never quit attitude that has helped him persevere through some challenging and dark days. Stand by for one of most powerful TNQ Podcast shows yet. #greatstoriesignitelegends

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