Inspired by Positivity

Fuck yeah Team Never Quit! I want to thank you guys for introducing positivity for veterans and all people seeking inspiration to rise above the stressors of life. People are intrigued by the SEAL community and I think you guys do a great service to mankind by tapping in to the mindset side of the challenges you have faced and sharing it in terms of every day challenges we all face.

I am a Marine combat vet with the ubiquitous story of leaving the military and falling into the spiral of confusion that can fall upon the mind while transitioning from the military world into the civilian world. In fact, I think that transitioning from an organization like the Marine Corps, with or without combat experience there is a cultural difference strong enough to trigger a lost feeling when joining the civilian world.

I struggled for a decade after Marine Corps but finally got my momentum going and had some real success, but with varying degrees of peace and happiness. I was able to harness the Marine mindset of putting a mental round in the chamber to do what I had to do. I feel, though, that I hung on to the hate and intensity that we nurtured to tap into violence and aggression.

What I soaked up from you guys, is to let go of the hate and turn it into positive intensity. Six months or so after adopting this new mindset I feel like I have grown even more than the previous decade. I feel this internal peace and happiness that I have perhaps never before felt, while still being able to “shoot straight and swim fast” in my work life. I would have written off these thoughts as “hippy shit” but I am truly effected and affected for the positive.

My never quit story is the same as thousands of others so I won’t bore you with the details of the resume. I will, though, thank you guys and encourage you to keep encouraging us. I will pass the word to all who need to hear it. I will also carry the torch of positivity to try and influence those around me.

One request though: who the fuck is the Wizard? I love this guy’s style and sensibility. Can we get a bio for this guy? Keep fighting the good fight friends!

Always faithful and Always positive!

Anonymous Jarhead

Author: Anonymous