Inky Johnson

Former University of Tennessee Defensive Back, Motivational Speaker

Today we are joined by Inky Johnson who shares his compelling story of perseverance and conviction. From a promising NFL career to a complete repurposing of his life, Inky, through his faith, has been able to continue his calling of inspiring people and changing lives by sharing his incredible personal experience. His paralyzed right arm hasn’t hindered his resolve in the least. It’s as though his “disaster” was indeed a blessing…

In this episode you will hear:

  • You name it; we had it; crime, drugs, murder, gangs. Not only did we have it in our environment, I had it in my household.
  • I was raised in a two-bedroom home, and there were fourteen of us living there.
  • There were more people in my family that had been to jail than had graduated from high school.
  • “If I make it to the NFL, maybe I could get my own bed someday.”
  • You could change the infrastructure of the neighborhood; you could change the houses; you could put jobs here, but if you don’t change the mindset, the people will never change.
  • You can a kid out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the kid.
  • Until you change your mentality and your mindset and learn how to navigate throughout life, you will be in a different environment, but you will still make the same decisions, and the same choices, and carry with you the same spirit.
  • Every next level of your life demands a new version of you.
  • I go to make the tackle, and as soon as I hit the guy, every breath in my body left.
  • “It’s not the end for my son; this is the beginning.”
  • Lord, if I’m supposed to speak, and if it’s Your will, I’ll be obedient and let’s rock!
  • I feel as if my life got spared, and every single day, this is what I was put on this earth to do.
  • We’re all gonna strike adversity at some point, and we’re all gonna come up against that battle.
  • Cut the crap. Let’s go! And if it doesn’t happen – cool. But don’t let something not happen because you didn’t take accountability and responsibility for your life, and more so, get out, and work to make it happen.

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