In Honor Of Mike Day

Decorated Navy SEAL & American Hero (2020)

NOTE: Today’s TNQP episode is a rebroadcast of our episode featuring Navy SEAL Mike Day. We bring it you in his honor and memory.

Navy SEALS Mike Day and Marcus Luttrell engage in the graphic details of an unbelievable event that Mike, against all odds, survived. He took 27 rounds of an AK-47 pounding while on a mission in Fallujah, and lived to tell about it. When Mike shares his unparalleled true story, you won’t stop listening till the end. It’s a totally captivating series of events, told by the man who lived it.

In this episode you will hear:
• Fear’s either gonna lock you up, or it’s gonna tighten you up. I’m not saying go
out and do ridiculous shit every day, but its good to do stuff that scares you,
because if its good, it’s a tiny bit past what your comfort level is, and that’s how
you build resilience, you just get out of your comfort level.
• I humbly submit myself as an example. (17:00)
• The only reason anybody knows me is because I got shot too many times. (17:20)
• I would make sure people were asleep before I went out; it was a lot safer. (21:54)
• The worst part about being over there is not actually doing the op, it’s getting to
and from. That’s where you get all messed up. (25:50)
• A door in a room means something. (26:50)
• When you blow stuff up, people wake up and they want to start shooting at
you. (27:09)
• It’s really hard to kill a dog with one shot. (27:40)
• I’ve walked through suburban areas in Iraq, with forty dogs barking at me, and
nobody wakes up. (27:49)
• It’s amazing that twenty people can see the same thing, and see something
totally different. (30:41)
• Literally from the time I dropped my right foot in that room, to the time I hit the
ground, to the first guy that I killed, might have been five seconds – it seemed
like minutes to me. (31:41)
• A round went through the of the foot of the magazine – blew the hand grips off
the magazine. I could feel the springs in the palms of my hands, and I cleared the malfunction and I killed those two dudes. (37:25)
• I was a way better social worker than I was a SEAL. (44:25)

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