How I Overcame Bullying in High School

Hello everyone, I hope you’re doing well and thank you for doing your show and inspiring others. Most of all thank you for serving our great nation. I am sharing my story not only for the sake of sharing, but to bring awareness to the depth of the effect that the epidemic of bullying can have and just how far it can push someone. It is my deepest hope that this will help someone who is experience this sort of intolerable abuse, and without further ado i’ll get right into it.

I went to High school in a small town that most cant find on a map, and during this time I fell victim to constant bullying and hazing from my peers as i have Arab blood, which I am very proud of. It got so bad and was so relentless over the 4 years that it drove to me to be sitting at home contemplating suicide. I knew exactly how I was going to do it. My father kept an old handgun in his closet and I was going to wait until they left and put a bullet in my head, thats how bad it hurt, however through the strength of a few good friends and a strong faith with our Lord and savior, I was able to overcome it and joined the US military shortly after high school. I have never looked back but am always looking to help others, thanks again for everything you do and God bless you.

Author: Phillip