Hannah Nadeau – Wyoming Law Enforcement Officer

Hi, my name is Hannah. I am a law enforcement officer in rural Wyoming. It’s my dream job… I spend my summers driving, hiking and 4wheeling in the woods for patrol, and spend my winters patrolling by snowmobiles and skis. I just wanted to thank all of you who do the Team Never Quit podcast (Marcus, Rut, guest hosts and all). TNQ is the best motivational, badass, pick-me-up I have ever found.

Somehow, somewhere in my life, I discovered a never quit mindset. It got me through field training and some pretty intense and stressful moments. My agency has three phases of field training, and phase three was the hardest month of my life to date. I had a very intense training officer (FTO), worked in a very busy district, and responded to more fatalities than any trainee that had been trained by that FTO prior to me. I wouldn’t have survived mentally, emotionally, or even maybe physically, without a never quit mindset.

The TNQ podcast made a huge impact on my life a year and a half later. Last fall while on duty, I was dealing with a subject who suddenly became increasingly agressive, angry, and borderline assaultive. For a bit of perspective, I’m a pretty tiny chick (5’4″ and pretty damn skinny) and this guy was literally nearly twice my size and solid as a rock. A taser deployment, a 35 mph bumpy road “pursuit,” and lots of slightly profanity laced shouting at gunpoint and I finally got the guy into custody. My backup got there 5 minutes after I had the suspect in cuffs. My brother in blue had to drive 90 miles per hour for over 30 miles to get to me.

I worked my butt off for the job I have, and I truly feel like I am making a difference. But last fall’s incident was a little bit of a bump in the road. It is a little bit of a wake up call when all of a sudden you’re convinced you might die at the hands of a man twice your size in the middle of the woods in the dark. But I’m not going to stop dealing with bad guys in the woods just because one gave me a bit of a scare. Deep down inside, I had to get my confidence back up a little bit. I don’t know why, because I handled the situation in a pretty textbook fashion, just as I was trained. The TNQ podcasts were a perfect motivator and inspiration for me after that incident and I know they will continue to be. They instilled an even deeper never quit mindset and more motivation to work harder, whether it be at training, or at the gym, or every day on patrol, so that I’m even better prepared to take on the next challenge that comes my way. I’m so thankful for ya’ll and your dedication and passion for sharing stories of ordinary people with an extraordinary mindset who do incredible things.

God bless and keep up the good work!

Author: Hannah