Greg Barker

Award winning documentary film maker – 'Legion of Brothers' – 'Manhunt' The Search for Bin Laden – 'Ghosts of Rwanda'

The Team Never Quit Podcast is excited to welcome award winning documentary film-maker Greg Barker to this week’s show. Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell David Rutherford and the Wizard dive right in to their search for Mr. Barker’s greatest never quit story. Greg has spent the last 20 years producing award winning documentary TV and films. His most known works include Ghost of Rwanda, Sergio, Koran by Heart, Manhunt – The Inside Story for the hunt for Bin Laden, and his latest Legion of Brothers. Join the TNQ Podcast team as they inspire Greg to deliver his greatest never quit story. As a storyteller, Greg delivers incredible insight to some of the most significant events of the modern era. What makes someone want to spend 7 years producing a documentary about genocide? And what happens to that person’s perspective on the human condition? Find out as Greg Barker shares his amazing life traveling around the world to help his viewers see these critical events in history through a different lens. In his latest endeavor, ‘Legion Of Brothers’, Greg tells the tale of Special Forces ODA Teams that lead the original charge into Afghanistan at the very start of the war. The ‘Horse Riders,’ as they are known in Special Operations’ circles, could be one of the most fascinating stories of the entire war. He also explains what he witnessed as he interviewed all the  Horse Rider’s in present day and the profound affects war has had on each of them as individuals as well as their families. Once again Marcus, Rut and the Wizard deliver a powerful show that will hopefully inspire you to develop your ‘Never Quit’ mindset. Great Stories Ignite Legends.
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