From Victim to Victor

First, thank you guys for providing this incredible content. You guys are inspirational. I am an Army Veteran and deployed during the initial invasion of Iraq. I spent 15 months there and came back to an empty house. That wasn’t the worst part. I came back a totally different man. Angry, anxious, paranoid, depressed, the list goes on and on. I was feeling very strongly that I just couldn’t do life anymore. I didn’t end my life because my dad wasn’t around and didn’t want my kids to be without a father. I used to get mad about that because I wanted to be done. Fast forward about 10 years and I just had enough one day. I decided that I was going to keep fighting and was going to take my life back and stop letting the enemy win. I started working out and dropped 50 lbs over a year and decided that I was going to do what was necessary to get back in control. Part of that was going to a Lone Survivor Retreat in Crystal Beach TX. I learned so much about what I was going through there. I then decided I was gonna help other veterans like me not go down this rabbit hole of hell. So in November of 2017 I started my own Vet organization called Veteran’s Club. The idea was to have 10 or 11 vets get together and hang out. Now in less than a year we are 750 vets strong from our community and I offer cost free equine therapy for vets with PTSD/TBI. I now manage 2 farms in Kentucky and do this on a regular basis. We also have vets in the org that volunteer to host a cookout for our families each month so our spouses and kids get connected as well. We’ve helped so many vets that were like I once was and will continue to do that. The enemy can kiss my ass! Out.

Author: Jeremy