Former Navy SEAL Marcus Capone and Wife Amber Capone

Founders of VETS, Advocates for U.S. Military Veterans Seeking Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies (Part 1)

Here’s a real couple with a real family – and real personal issues – that have overcome with the help of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy alternatives. Marcus and Amber Capone share their struggles and successes, bringing hope and restoration to others with seemingly impossible mental struggles. Their non-profit organization – VETS – provides the resources, research, and advocacy to improve the quality of life for U.S. Special Operations Combat Veterans seeking unconventional therapy alternatives.
In this episode you will hear:
  • Thank goodness we didn’t have internet in college. You can’t get away with anything.
  • We really can’t take credit for the work we’re doing [helping other combat vets]; it seems like it’s just happening. It’s meant to be.
  • We’re just vessels helping it [our non-profit] come to life.
  • It’s been an honor & a privilege to pay this forward.
  • Marcus [Capone] watched GI Jane and decided to become a Navy SEAL.
  • Amber: My dad is a big part of how resilient I’ve been.
  • Marcus Capone to Marcus Luttrell: I was the first person you saw [in Germany after your Operation Red Wing injuries].   
  • A surprised Marcus Luttrell: “THAT WAS YOU???!!!”  
  • We were deployed, and we couldn’t find out about anything going on. We were getting updates from our wives back in the states.
  • What we’ve been doing [our non-profit organization] has organically grown.
  • 2008 was a particularly tough year. At every deployment, somebody wasn’t coming home.
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