Father and Son Save Desperate Elderly Woman

Hello gents,

Just want to start off by saying thank you for your service. This story is not about me by any means but about a very brave friend of mine. He never seeks recognition for his heroic actions because he is such a humble guy but I feel this podcast embodies his fighting spirit. We became friends in college prior to the event but it took him awhile to even talk about the subject even with his closest of friends. In the summer of 2016, there was a terrible flood that destroyed Greenbrier county, WV. I believe the flood was a 500 year flood. And if you are not familiar with WV terrain and way of life most houses are in the valleys due to slope of the mountains and also in most valleys are some form of river or tributary. Therefore after hours of rainfall the rivers and streams started to over take the banks. If I’m not mistaken a small Levi or dam had broke upstream releasing extra water as well. But as for Josiah he and his father were trying to get back home after a job the water was quickly rising in the streets and they noticed an elderly woman stuck in her car about to be carried away by the current. The father and son reacted, getting the woman out of the car and carried her to a tree near by trying their best to stay above the water. There are several articles out there about Josiah but many of them don’t have the details as his told story. The woman just lost everything and just wanted to let go. But Josiah wouldn’t let her. Hours started to pass and he was still holding onto the woman. His shoulder separated and tore several muscles and tendons. He still refused to let her go. This part always gets me emotional but he said at one point there was a smaller home charging at the tree containing Josiah, his father, and the woman. When he first told me this story the tears in his eyes brought all of us friends to tears. He said there was a moment were his father said I love you son. We assumed why. But then the house split in two. And missed the tree. Josiah held that woman for 5 hours. Following the incident his shoulder needed to be surgically repaired. I hope he doesn’t get upset that I’m sharing with you guys but I’m so proud of him.


Author: Preston