Not Falling Into My Bullsh!t

Let me start off by saying thanks to all of y’all for everything. My story starts on June 1, 2018. Due to a bad set of events, a friend of mine ended up passing away by his own hand. Afterwards, I realized something wasn’t right with me mentally so I told my chief about what was going on. He sent me to be evaluated and I had two or three different acronyms thrown at me and a bunch of people saying it’s understandable given what happened so I was discharged from the Navy.

Over the past year, I’ve tried to make sense and deal with the crap, not just from those events, but from being discharged in and of itself. After coming home, I fell into this state of “is my biggest purpose over?”

It took some people who were close to me to get me back to reality and I have to give them so many props! Without them, I’d be in a pine box. Now I’m putting what I learned in the Navy into pursuing my nursing degree from Johns Hopkins. I listen to you guys at least once a day. Y’all can get me motivated when I start sliding back into my pile of bullshit. For my brothers my friends and family and for the country, I have to be the best. I will not quit because I have amazing people who help me get back up when I get down.

Author: Fred