Everyday Man’s Never Quit

My story is no where near to the degree of hardship as a lot of others, it’s what I like to call the everyday man’s never quit story.

It started when I was a 21 year old broke college student. After being fed up with going to college because it was expected of me and working a job that my dad got for me, I decided it was time to do something for myself. Without my parents knowing I finished the semester of college, put my 2 weeks notice in at my job and began working for Halliburton.

At the time I had no idea what I was doing really, I just wanted to make a life decision on my own. During my 3 week orientation at Halliburton, I learned about all the possibilities I had within the company and set my first goal. I was going to travel the world! After 4 years, that goal started to seem like it was getting further and further away and was never going to happen. I had horrible supervisors that loved to micro-manage and seemed to want to hold me back because of my young age and “short amount of time with the company” and my career seemed to be going nowhere as well.

I had a moment where I almost quit in the middle of 4 week rotation and went home, but decided to finish it out and find something else on my time off. The day we flew home, I was offered a chance to go to Australia for a month! After that trip to Australia I eventually made my way back to my crew working in North Dakota, but over the next 4 years made my way to the North Sea, Serbia, India, China, Argentina, and Oman. There were several other minor never quit moments along the way but I kept my head down and kept pushing on because I had set a new goal for myself.

This new goal was to become a consultant in the oil field. Little did I know this goal was going to be even harder to accomplish. I continually got the same responses that I got before while trying to become a supervisor at Halliburton and trying to go work overseas, I was either too young or my extensive resume of working overseas was questioned. While being very discouraging along the way, I kept my head down and kept working my ass off and eventually got my shot. Which brings me to my current never quit moment, I’ve partnered up with someone to start an oilfield service company, however we need an initial investment of 5 million dollars to get it off the ground. I have no doubt in my mind the company will be anything but super successful but finding the investment may end up being the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far. Its a goal I set though and I WILL achieve it, I mean my career has been made on being told no or you can’t do that and doing it anyway. I look forward to finding the right investor and creating a thriving company so I can continue to prove everyone wrong. These are just a few examples of my ongoing everyday man’s never quit story. Thank you guys for the podcast, it is absolutely amazing and an inspiration to everyone who listens to it. It helps get me through my 6 hour commute to west Texas every 2 weeks, so please keep them coming.

Author: Adam