Election Special

Donald Trump Jr. discusses his father, political issues, and how to make America Great Again

The Team Never Quit Podcast is proud to release the 2016 Presidential Election Special episode with Donald Trump Jr. Wanna know what’s going to make America great again? Then tune in to this epic show as Mr. Never Quit himself, Marcus Luttrell and David ‘Rut’ Rutherford dig into some of the hottest political issues driving this year’s election. Marcus and Rut are proud to welcome Donald Trump Jr to the show. Listen as Don Jr tells the greatest never quit story of his father, Donald Trump. He explains to the American public what his dad has been teaching him since he was a small boy and how these lessons will help get America back on track.

Donald Trump Jr is the Executive Vice President for the Trump Organization. His dedication to his father is unmatched. Don Jr enlightens listeners as to why they should vote for his father. He explains why his father is running for office and how Mr. Trump intends to bring the country back together again and make America great again. His insight, along with Marcus and Rut’s opinions on some of the most controversial issues surrounding this years election, will leave listeners wanting more.

Once again the TNQ Podcast accomplishes it’s mission by inspiring American’s to overcome adversity accept their civic duty to cast an educated, well informed vote. America is only great when the country stays true to the very things that have gotten us this far in our history. The most important is: voting. We respectfully request that you educate yourself on all the most important issues and please get out the vote.

Great stories inspire legends.

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