Duane – Coach Instilling The Never Quit Mentality

I’ve been listening to your podcast for the past few weeks, and i have to say that your stories have inspired me so much. it really has been helping me in my everyday life as well as on the football field. I have been a youth flag football coach for the past few years. Ever since the first season, the first day of practice, it felt like i finally found my purpose in life. to help others. Most of my boys i have coached have came from singe parent homes. Most of them live with there mom and never really had a father figure in there life. And if they did i don’t think they really had an interest in what they did.
Ive always tried to be the father figure to them. Teaching them whats right and wrong, on the field and off the field. I made a point every practice to ask them how school was, how everything at home was going, and if they needed anything, even just to talk, they could talk to me and we could handle any situation as it came up. Im so appreciative that most of them would confide in me. it made me feel like i was making a difference.
Now almost all of them had never played football before. As i had never coached 9 year old boys either. But i was lucky enough to be asked by another coach to take over the team because he didn’t have enough time to coach and manage the league. i have to admit, i was nervous. But I’ve always had the never quit attitude. And i couldn’t quit on showing these boys how to play football either. Long story short, over the last 5 seasons we’ve had winning seasons, and losing seasons, but my boys never quit. Even when they knew there was no chance we were going to win, they never gave up.
Im lucky enough to have been able to coach my son as well through these past few years as well. Its been such a wonderful feeling watching him on the field. Granted he’s not the biggest kid or the fastest kid on the team, but he made sure he gives his all when he goes on the field. He would also take what i had taught him about never quit and apply it to football as well as his schooling. he made sure that if one of his teammates were struggling he would make sure they wouldn’t quit, He is also a straight A student. Im so proud of what he’s accomplished at such a young age. He is far better than i was at his age.
We have just started tackle football. We have 18 kids that had only played flag football, or hadn’t played at all. So the first time they came to practice with pads, fear was in all of the eyes. I explained to them that it was ok to be afraid. Just do the best that they could. But never give up, Never quit.
As we have been practicing more and more in pads, their confidence level has improved tremendously! their never quit attitude has really showed on and off the field. I had a quick meeting with them all the other night and told them look at who’s on your left, and who’s on your right. those players are your brothers. when your on the field together, you work as a team. and as a team, never quit being the best you can be. If one of teammates wants to quit, show them that they are not alone, your there to help them be the best they can be. If they don’t understand a play or a route, and you understand, show them how to do it if I’m busy helping someone else. I am proud of every one of them. They all have shown the never quit attitude. Even if they are tired, sick or having troubles with what they are trying to accomplish, they never quit. For that is what makes me very proud to be their coach. One of our mottos we always say at the beginning of practice is “Hustle Hit Never Quit Viper Pride” That is the name of our team The Vipers. Sorry this is so long, but i wanted to thank you both for all that you do, and thank you for always having the never quit attitude. It inspires a lot of us to teach the same thing. NEVER QUIT. Thanks again, for your service, and for allowing me to be inspired everyday by your never quit stories.

Author: Duane