Drago Dzieran

US Navy SEAL, Author of 'Pledge To America' (Part 2)

In this week’s Team Never Quit Podcast, we bring you Part 2 of this episode featuring Drago Dzieran. A real American – born in Poland.
Drago Dzieran is a former political prisoner for his activism against Communism. After arriving in the United States unable to speak English, Drago eventually became a US citizen, enlisted in the U.S. Navy and trained to serve as a Navy SEAL for 20 years. In Iraq, he fought in over 100 combat missions as the Naval Special Warfare Lead Breacher. Drago was awarded Bronze Star with “V” for valor, Navy Commendation Medal with “V” for valor, in addition to other various awards and decorations.
Following his honorable retirement after twenty years in the Navy, Dzieran began a successful career as a software engineer. Drago founded the Navy SEALs Fund, a nonprofit with the mission of providing support for all generations of current, retired, and former UDT/SEAL teammates, their immediate dependents as well as Gold Star Families. Listen in as Drago shares his amazing life journey from Poland to living life as a real American in service to others.

In this episode you will hear:
• Once they take away your freedom of speech, they censor you, they put out fake news… you have no defenses. (4:08)
• The law was created in the socialist state to penalize free thinking. To criminalize opposition. (4:29)
• America was built on the idea of personal freedom. (7:10)
• [In the Ukraine] freedom is being taken away from them slowly. (8:37)
• These people [Ukranians] are fighting for their lives now – freedom. (10:16)
• We have former Generals saying that the Russians – “these poor souls don’t know they’re at war. They think they are on exercises.” You have to be an imbecile to repeat something like this. You have to be an idiot. (11:32)
• [Ukranians] They want to be free, and our media is lying about it. (12:53)
• Ukranians were always very patriotic. (13:10)
• [Navy SEALS Fund] The way we operate is different than most charities. We don’t have paid positions. The fund is run by SEALS only. (35:57)
• We help the Gold Start families: the spouse, the children, parents and siblings. (43:19)
• We need to do something right then. We don’t need to send it through this board of “Lets talk about it when we meet next month. (44:27)
There would be no Drago if not for people like Marcus, Morgan, Rob, Tage, Taco, & Jocco. (48:09)
• For the Navy SEAL fund we don’t have forms and check the box. (61:08)
• [Drago’s Book} The Pledge to America. (64:44)
• I’m a better American today than I was yesterday, and I want to be a better American tomorrow than I am today. (64:50)
• My biggest accomplishment is becoming a U.S. citizen. (65:05)

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