Dr. Patrick Bisher

Former Navy SEAL, Author of Warrior of God, Founder of GRIT Academy

Are you experiencing adversities? When you tell this week’s guest, Dr. Patrick Bisher, that something is physically impossible – like walking – he’ll rise to the highest challenge and become a Navy SEAL. From his lowest of the lowest to the highest of the highest, Patrick shares with Marcus Luttrell how he overcame “impossible adversities” in his life. Patrick authored the book: No Surrender: Faith, Family, and Finding Your Way, his story of perseverance and grit.

If you’re needing some inspiration in your life, this is the podcast to bring it to you. Never say never.

In this episode you will hear:

  • My hip bone inside the socket deteriorated.
  • I found out at a young age that kids are mean, they tell the truth, they don’t sugar coat anything.
  • I went from being amazing at physical activities to not being able to do anything at all.
  • At 16 years old that I’d never play sports, but I proved them wrong.
  • In my recovery, my first goal was to get to the mailbox.
  • I don’t care what anybody says… I can do it. I take that mentality to everything I do.
  • It took an assistant coach to see that I was suffering. I opened up to him and my burden was lifted.
  • Be conscious of what you say – You never get your words back.
  • I loved every part of BUD/S because what I had been experiencing my entire life – other people were experiencing for the first time.
  • What comes out is the best version of you if you’re willing to be refined in the fire.
  • I proved the world wrong about what’s possible.
  • My own Kryptonite was my pride.
  • No matter what happens to me, there’s no way you’re going to hurt me to the point I’m gonna give up & quit.
  • I’m never out of the fight.
  • Instead of being selfish, I’m gonna be selfless.
  • It doesn’t matter your rank, what matters is the impact you make for the team.
  • If you are going through terrible scenarios, understand that bricks and stones will eventually build a bridge to cross over to where you want to be.
  • If you never quit & never give up, you can accomplish anything.

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