Don’t Listen To the Negativity

I have many stories in my life that I had to overcome and never quit but I will tell the most recent one. I’ll start by saying me and my wife where married right out of school, and yes I know we were young to marry but this girl care into my life at the perfect time. I was hell on wheels growing up and was always getting into trouble and I was on a fast lane to my grave, I put my parents through hell and kept my mom on her knees praying. But when me and my wife met she slowed me down, way down, and gave me a purpose to do better for myself and for her. I believe God sent me this angel for a reason and I knew I needed to keep her so there for we got married. I say all that just to give a little background on me and how important she is to me. A few years after we got married we decided to go have a weekend at the lake with one of our friends. They brought a couple If there friends that we have never met before, that’s wasn’t a big deal at first but as the night went on and the drinking continued me and one of these guys just weren’t getting along.

My wife wanted to leave but I talked her into just staying. A little while after that, I was at the top of the hill getting stuff out of my truck when I heard an argument down the hill and I look down and this guy was in my wife’s face and cussing her. He push my wife into a tree and I was fighting mad at that point. I ran down that hill as fast as I could and when I got to him I trucked the fuck out this dude. We rolled down the hill and I busted my head on a big rock and fell in the fire and tore my acl. I stood up and went after this dude ’til my wife pulled me back wiping the burning coals out of my arm. We went to Waffle House then to the hospital. After my acl surgery, the doctor told me I wouldn’t be able to fully bend my leg again and I was determined to prove him wrong so I went to my therapy for 6 months and when I got done, I had full motion in my leg. And since then, I knew in my mind that I won’t be stopped or listen to negativity. I won’t quit ’til I prove those negative comments wrong and y’alls podcast has helped me get through that process and to never give up, so thank y’all for being my motivation!

Author: Alan