Dom Raso


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What does honor mean to you? What events in your life have taught you to live with honor? Join Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford and #TheWizard as they welcome one of their own, DevGru Operator Dom Raso to this week’s powerful edition of the Team Never Quit Podcast. Stand by as Dom tells his greatest #neverquitstory of how living for the honor of his fallen teammates shapes his drive to impact the world around him. The helicopter crash of Extortion 17 was the most tragic event in modern SEAL history, losing 31 US military personnel, including 15 men from Dom’s own unit. Prepare to be inspired by the bravery and courage it takes to live with honor.

Dom Raso spent 12 years at the tip of the spear in support of American freedom and democracy. His time in the SEAL Team’s top unit instilled a lifetime of focus that is remarkable in every way. His message of honor has reached millions through his company Dynamis Alliance and his presence on the internet. Whether helping to promote 2nd Amendment rights on NRA TV, or through faithfully teaching his #Crusheverything mentality, Dom has a profound impact on anyone within earshot. In this episode of the TNQ Podcast Marcus, Rut and #TheWizard provoke Dom in giving a detailed explanation to help our listeners learn the #neverquitmindset. Don’t miss this action-packed show.

Don’t forget to write in and share your own greatest Never Quit stories here. You just might end up being a guest on the show.


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