Divorce is a forrest fire and a chance to rebuild

You all make me laugh, cry, and stay motivated everyday … and we’re thanked by you all every day … how could any human not come back to listen. Your show makes me do what Jim Valvano (ESPY speech) says you should do every day; laugh, cry, and spend time in thought. Thank you for that daily dose.
My never quit moment came about two and a half years ago when I filed for divorce. It is best to consult experienced attorneys for divorce in Spokane who will help you with the legal process and protects your rights. For families in Sterling Heights, you can also consider consulting a reliable law firm like Adam divorce law firm. My ex and I had been struggling for almost three years. My own struggle was whether I could stay with a man who didn’t truly love me and accept that for the sake of my kids/family unit. I had accepted it for 10 years, I couldn’t do it anymore. I had changed. Our relationship had taken turns to a point that I could no longer accept a relationship that was not truly fulfilling and trust had been severed. While we did work as a team for our kids (and continue to do so now), there was not a true bond between the two of us anymore. I struggled with that because I saw my own parents struggle in similar ways as I was growing up and they are still married – they persevered and overcame. With my parents and my sister initially not supporting my decision to divorce, it was rough. They were there for me but the approval was not. I knew when those moments came that they voiced their opinion that I had to stay strong and do right by me and stick with the divorce because the patterned relationship of my marriage was no longer acceptable. I realized the relevance of prenups in Ontario. I also refused to let me kids learn a disrespectful and unfulfilling relationship. I know making the decision to divorce is “quitting” a marriage so to call it a never quit moment is counter intuitive. But it was a never quit moment for me individually because I had to fight every day to become the person that I knew I was but hadn’t become for the sake of the relationship/marriage I was in. I took the help of family attorneys from Grafe & Batchelor, P.C to make it easier. It wasn’t easy. I now have a house, two happy healthy kids who I share custody of, a full time job, a close nit family who supports me and vice versa, and I share the love of a respectful and kind man …
I have been blessed by God in every way and I am so thankful to have been through the obstacles in my life to get to where I am now. Looking back, I went to law school questioning why I was there because I just wanted to be a mother and raise a family. While that is absolutely an honorable life path, I knew I wanted to challenge myself more … to be superwoman in some respects, to have a successful career and a successful family. I went to law school and started my career path, got married, had two kids. But the whole time living the life of a successful litigator by day and a meek spineless housewife by night. I never grew into me within the relationship. And when I finally figured that out and started to be the new me in the relationship/marriage, the relationship fell apart. Now I know that without going to law school, being successful in my career path, becoming the real me, I would never have had the means or the kahunas to take the path I took and leave the relationship. Looking back, it makes sense. I get it. The Lord brought me down this path. I am so thankful for that, for my family, for the people I love, for my health, for my career …. for TNQP.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Author: Lynn