Diana Nyad

Swam 110 miles from Florida to Cuba at 65 after 4 previous failures - Massively inspiring endurance and tenacity

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Get ready to be inspired as Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford deliver another hilariously profound and motivating show on the Team Never Quit Podcast. In this week’s episode Marcus and David welcome the world’s greatest distance swimmer, Diana Nyad. Diana is one of the most incredible endurance athletes to have ever lived. Known for her epic quest of becoming the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida, a feat that spanned 35 years. Finally in her fifth attempt, at age 64, Diana completed the 110 mile journey in 53 hours and without the help of a shark cage. Be inspired as she details this epic never quit story. In this powerful episode Diana Nyad details her incredible journey of becoming the greatest endurance swimmer of all time. She talks about her many failures, the successful expedition, her incredible teammates and what she did to continue during her darkest hours alone in the water between Havana and Key West. Listen to Marcus, David and Diana as they all explore the specific attitude needed to live a “Never Quit” lifestyle. Tune in to the After Actions Report where Diana detials her daily routine and why she’s become a beacon of light for people around the world. Never before has there been a show like the TNQ Podcast. A show where the hosts have so much in common with the guest and are able to inspire one another with mutual admiration and respect. It’s Marcus’ and David’s mission to inspire you to begin living with the Never Quit mindset by exposing you to amazing human beings that understand the human condition. If you’re looking battle adversity and overcome the greatest obstacles in life, then subscribe to the Team Never Quit Podcast today. Great Stories Ignite Legends

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