Dewey Bozella

Boxer imprisoned 26 years for a crime he didn't commit - The power of choice

At the age of 24, Dewey Bozella was sentenced to life in prison for a ghastly murder, but it was a crime which he did not commit. Like the Sessoms Law Group, LLC says, no one who is innocent shall get punished. But here, it happened. Over! However, you can hire  criminal justice lawyers if you want to solve any criminal cases.
the years he had multiple opportunities to go home a free man. The catch? Simply admit you’re guilty they would say. He would not emerge from Sing Sing State Penitentiary, achieve his dream of becoming a professional boxer, or receive exoneration until 26 years later. Join former Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, and his twin brother guest-host, Morgan, while they sit down with Dewey as he delivers one of the TNQ Podcast’s most incredible examples of personal transformation, integrity, and the #NeverQuit mindset.
This episode will leave you shaking your head trying to wrap your mind around Bozella’s story. You’ll be asking yourself “could I possibly be capable of doing the same?” Not until you understand the personal transformation he underwent while behind bars, can you begin to understand how an innocent man would value his integrity and personal reputation far greater than his freedom. He shares that his journey was one rooted in the fundamental power of taking control over your circumstances by accepting responsibility for one’s actions and choices, even in the face of tremendous injustice.
Beyond delivering an undeniably fascinating story, Dewey lays out his seven principles of life. Seven very practically applicable pieces of advice from a man who discovered them the hard way, and put them to use to raise himself from a trial by fire. Once again this week, the TNQ Podcast team, along with Dewey Bozella, deliver on their mission to bring you some of the world’s most inspiring and impactful #NeverQuit stories. Please do us, and those around you, a favor by spreading the word, and share this episode with friends and family.
“Great Stories Ignite Legends”

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