Derek Weida

82nd Airborne 'Amputee-Extraordinaire' - Hilarious YouTube Fitness Guru - Iraq War Veteran

Derek Weida is way more than one a legged fitness guru in an ass-kicking-contest, and he’s definitely not your typical social media influencer! He’s motivationally hilarious with a message everyone needs to hear. Join Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and #TheWizard as they welcome Derek to the Team Never Quit Podcast. Stand by to be humbled and laugh uncontrollably while Derek shares his greatest #NeverQuitStory. His profound story being wounded in combat, multiple surgeries, threatening the VA he’d cut his own leg off, becoming a YouTube and social media sensation, and not really giving a &*%@ will have you re-evaluating your outlook on what’s really important in your life. Derek’s raw and inspiring story about going from the prestigious 82nd Airborne Unit, to starting an awesome non-profit is exactly what most of us need to hear. Trust us when we say this journey is epic. Losing his leg in combat and having his lifetime dream literally blown away almost destroyed Derek Weida. Follow Marcus, Rut, and the Wizard as they join Derek in describing his long journey through recovery, transition, despair, and re-inventing himself once again. Derek has affected millions of people’s lives via the net with his no bullshit approach to life. His epic rants on motivation, fitness, and various other wide ranging opinions have resonated with countless people all around the world. This episode of the TNQ Podcast will have you laughing out loud and shaking your head in disbelief because once again the Team delivers inspiring, unique content that will help you develop the Never Quit mindset. Great Stories Ignite Legends

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