Denise Sanders

Army Apache Pilot, Air Force Flight Medic, Cancer Survivor

Denise shares her incredible never quit story with her cousins Marcus and Morgan Luttrell in this week’s podcast. Denise is an Apache helicopter pilot, Air Force Flight Medic, 2-time cancer survivor, and a single mom with the most uplifting, positive demeanor and incredible outlook on life despite the insurmountable challenges she’s been up against. 

In this episode you will hear:

  • It’s not a good idea to go for a smoke in a field of land mines.
  • When you get rid of the cats, the rats take over.
  • Be persistent and consistent in pursuing your love.
  • Lobbied President Bush to allow females to fly combat missions.

Denise Sanders Quotes:

  • “The first time I lifted an Apache helicopter off the ground, I peed myself a little bit.”
  • “Positivity helps you get thru life in a lot of ways”
  • “I’m not a lay down and take it, person. It’s time to pull your big girl panties up.”
  • “When they see you put in the effort, the payoff comes.”
  • “If you act like a victim, you’ll be treated as one.”
  • “You can be depressed, but don’t go down that drinking rabbit hole.”
  • “Segregation in the military hurts cohesion.”
  • “When you get your ass kicked, get back up.”
  • “Flying by the seat of your pants is an actual occurrence. Your body tells you that which isn’t true. You gotta trust your instruments.”
  • The smokestacks outside of Bagdad are known as “Checkpoint Weezie”, named after Denise Sanders.
  • “Ladies, don’t cancel your mammogram appointment.”
  • “I can do anything I put my mind to.”
  • “I’ve never felt limited in what I was capable of doing.”
  • “Compartmentalization – you won’t survive if you don’t do it.”
  • “Know a woman’s strengths, but treat her with respect and gentleness.”
  • “Chivalry will never die.”
  • “Get back up. You can’t live your life laying down.”

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