Death Leads to More, Not Less

March 19th 2018 my best friend and hero died after just a brief 12 day battle with cancer. My dad was one of the greatest influences in my life. I served in the Navy as he did and even worked at the same company that he did. I could’ve given up in the moment that he left this earth. Lord knows the things I said to myself were not pretty. Deep inside though I knew he always wanted more.

I then had to accept my personal accountability that I had floated for most of my life. I always tried hard enough not to get bitched at but not hard enough to truly be great. My time in the Navy, one might say was my “biggest accomplishment yet”. But I know that I truly just served always thinking about getting out. I did enough at work to keep my job and hopefully not get wrote up but my mouth always found a way to get me in trouble. Legal trouble in 2012 due to alcohol. Needless to say I needed to wake up!

I wish I could say it didn’t take losing my dad to wake me up, but it truly did. I then took on all of mental blocks and just went for it. In the last year, I’ve received 3 awards for superior performance at work. I may also be in line for a promotion. As for physically, I told myself I was never a runner and yet this past weekend I completed a half marathon. I also got engaged!! The biggest thing I have learned is you have to want more for yourself in order to get the true greatness in life. When it’s all said and done I’m proud I can say I NEVER QUIT. God bless and stay great!

Author: Matt