Triumph Over Lime Disease


First off thank you both for your service and sacrifices you have made for our great United States of America! Have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast and look forward to hearing more hard charging stories in the future. I’m writing to tell of a never quit mentality of a friend of mine. I cannot do this guys story full justice but I feel like you would be all about this guy.

Dean Hunsucker was a hard charging super competitive youth pastor in Indiana. He is the guy that doesn’t matter what you challenge him to it’s gonna be a competition. A while ago he contracted Lime’s disease. It took him from a super athletic and no hold back guy to a man that couldn’t get off the couch. He spent time trying to recover and beat Lime’s. Doctors told him it would run the rest of his life and there wasn’t much they could do. He decided he wasn’t gonna let it win. He got off the couch and decided to start his recovery. He ran to the first telephone pole and basically collapsed and then made it home. He said that if he was gonna be exhausted and tired it was gonna be because he was trying. So day after day he made it one more step, one more telephone pole. He now runs marathons and does trail run marathons. He embodies every part of never quit mentality. He also runs a camp in southern Indiana call Five Stones Camp. It’s a Christian camp
That takes young men from around Indianapolis that have exhausted the justice system and are doomed for jail or worse. He spends 6 weeks with his team working pouring into these young men to try and save them from disaster. Just thought you would love to here the story of a never quit man!

Keep it up and can’t wait to find a chance to go to a conference if I can some day with y’all!!

Dave kinsey

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