David Clark

Vegan Endurance Athlete - Accomplished Businessman - Best Selling Author - Host of We Are Superman Podcast

You’re paranoid, depressed, overweight, and have no idea where your life is headed. You have so thoroughly destroyed your life and boom you hit it. You hit rock bottom. When you hit that point, you know it’s time to change or continue living this wasteful existence. Changing everything about yourself can be scary, but David Clark was in that spot and did just that. A vegan endurance athlete, an accomplished businessman, best selling author, and host of the We Are Superman podcast, David is in the studio today to tell us his never quit story and how he changed his whole life after hitting rock bottom.  What happens on the outside is just a reflection of what has changed on the inside. Don’t be afraid to see what you are made of!

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Getting yourself into some places that you aren’t supposed to go
  • Lacking a true connection with your sense of self
  • Recognizing the actual accomplishment of that desired effect
  • Fearing the unknown because of lack of training
  • Living on others’ perceived expectations
  • Giving yourself to the challenge of change instead of resisting it
  • Problems with putting other people on a pedestal for their accomplishments
  • Finding a way to be happy in whatever environment
  • Going through the door instead of closing it
  • What happens when you embrace the pain
  • Why people don’t do absolute change
  • Willingly experiencing pain on the road to self-discovery
  • Splitting between the warrior and the monk
  • The hardest part about addiction
  • A fan’s never quit story

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